7 Things You May Never Have Wanted To Ask

Ahhh, I thought.  This will make an easy blog post when my eyes are blurry and my brain is all full of Chemistry stuff that I should have packed in weeks ago.  Hardee har har!  Nope!  But the brilliant Reinvention Is A Mutha has thrown this to me, a challenge if you will.  Let’s see what random things I can share today.  As a disclaimer – I’m utter crap at asking people to these things.  If you want to jump in, and share some of your quirks – please do.  if you’re happy to lurk, that’s fine.  See?  Easy peasy.


The Rules

1. Share 7 facts about yourself that aren’t super present in your blog.

2. Tag 7 bloggers you adore.

3. Shout out back to me, so I can I read and get to know everyone more too.

And now! Without further ado!

The Facts

1. I have two tattoos, and want more.

I have one on my right shoulder, a triskelion.  There’s a nifty water color octopus on my left thigh.  That’s one I got with a very dear friend, because our birthdays are two days apart.  I’m the 9th, she’ the 7th, we split the difference and got and octopus.  8 legs, you see.  I’ve got plans with Bestie to get another meaningful tattoo, I’d like to get one with my daughter, and there are about a zillion other ideas I have bouncing around.  I want my tattoos to have deep memories for me.  I’m thinking the shading on the triskelon needs to be made more bat like because…


2. I adore bats.

I think they’re adorable, and I love that they think mosquitoes are delicious.  I’ve been very happy either watching bats swoop and dance, or watching videos of baby bats wrapped up all snugly on nomming on a banana.  Bats are becoming a theme in my life, and I’m happy about it.  There are far worse critters to find cute – like scorpions.  Ew!

3. 6 Legs is too many!

I’ll give a pas to ladybugs, butterflies, damsel and dragonflies, but the rest?  Nope!  No freaking way.  Anything with 8 or more legs is either unceremoniously dispatched (unless you count “Eww, oh God, ick this is GROSS” as ceremony) or removed from the abode.  We don’t goosh the tree roaches, they’re too damned big, the crunch makes me nauseous and they remind me of the bug slime from Men in Black.  No thank you.  On the other hand, if it is a sea creature (crab, lobster or shrimp) it is likely welcome on my plate.  Or with an octopus or a cuttlefish, I could happily have an aquarium.  But tentacles are not legs.

4. It cracks me up when the “kids”on campus find out I know anything about “their” interests.

I don’t know why, but they seem to think I’ve been living in a technically challenged bubble their entire lives and have never even heard of NSP, Game Grumps, anime (Look, Sweetie, I was watching Speed Racer when your Mom was a twinkle in her Dad’s eye!) or any other cultural thing.  Do I know them all?  No, and thank heavens.  But seriously – I may be old enough to be their crazy Auntie, but I’m not dead.

5. Thumping Bass Freaks Me Out.

I know, it’s “street culture” and used as a measure of success.  I really don’t freaking care.  All I care about is how my adrenaline spikes and my chest hurts when those posers roll by.  I want to cover my ears and curl up into a ball (difficult with my gut, but I’m willing to try).  I honestly don’t understand why or how this stuff is legal to sell or install.  It’s a never ending assault here, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I want to GTFO.

6. I’ve held on to my “Security” items.

It’s been 9 years since I smoked, and much, much longer since I needed my blankie to sleep, but I still have a pack of “emergency smokes” (dear heavens, they must be utterly ghastly now) and pieces of my old blanket.  I don’t really care if it’s cool, or childish or anyone thinks less of me for it.  Knowing that those things are there means I can say “Well, if this gets bad enough, I can have a smoke, or snorgle a cat and a blanket.”  It hasn’t come to that yet, and I’m thankful.  I guess it’s my emergency back up?


7. I Have  Terrible Temper

Seriously bad.  Like, I once destroyed a set of dishes throwing them on a brick floor bad..  Of course, that could have been a manic event as well.  People will make me so angry when they drive without respect, or turn signals or common sense.  I’ll be screaming at them – “May you have explosive diarrhea every time you wear white!” or “I hope you drop that phone you can’t put down into a nasty toilet!”  To be very honest, I’m often confused when people tell me I’m “nice”.  Who the hell are they seeing or talking to?  I’ve got a potty mouth, a crap attitude when it comes to rudeness, and I’m bossy.   I’m also secretive, bitchy, and a bit of a perfectionist (which doesn’t play well with the pack rat aspect of myself).  Sometimes it scares me when people say I’m nice or kind, because what I see is very different, and it makes me wonder if there’s some crazy they haven’t diagnosed yet within me.


Right-o.  That’s What I have to offer.  I can tell you that Ruth ScribblesAround the Ward in 80 DaysSeedsPointless Overthinking (I’m curious who would jump on this bus)AnnSilk and the incredible Black Family are all worthy reads, in so many different ways.  Peek in, see if they match your vibe.  If not, no harm no foul.  And just so we’re clear – I appreciate the time anyone takes to read my scattered musings.  Thank you.

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