Too Much Noise

I could, quite possibly, write a rather long and heated essay here about the latest series of clusters in my world.  Or I could go on and speak about the virus in the room.  I could rant on, try to cheer people up, or go out and do stuff.  Well, we kind of did the latter two today, in part because it’s almost our anniversary and we were going to go to a Celtic Faire, but instead…  You know how it is.


Here, in Austin, it’s pretty dark, and I’m not talking the weather – there are a huge number of small businesses that rely on SXSW to make themselves survive.  There are people who are genuinely frightened that they won’t have a job or a home in a few weeks, they worry about their kids, their parents or other relatives.  Groupings of more than 250 are banned.  We have something near to a million people living here, and five confirmed cases. So, maybe people are being a little over cautious.  I get it – it’s scary – but when people start saying “I HAVE TO HAVE 30 DAYS OF FOOD AND PAPER GOODS IN MY HOUSE – THE CDC SAYS SO!!!!” it’s more than I can roll with.  I haven’t seen that bit of information on the CDC page – or heard it from VP Mike Pence, so I can’t evaluate it.


The other thing is, who are these people who have the money (and the freezer space!) for a 30 day supply of everything they need?  I mean, should I make friends with them, ask them to teach me their ways?  Heck, we’re lucky to go a week, even with a grocery list, without some fill in shop.  How does this 30 day rule work with produce or milk?  I got questions, people!  Should I become a doomsday prepper?  Buy a missile silo in the heart of Kansas, and hope for the best?  I’m rather fond of natural and free light – but some of the things I’ve seen flying off the shelves just leaves me shaking my head.  Like ALL the bottled water.  We used a pitcher with a filter in is, but if that somehow failed, I know how to boil, and if need be, strain water – though not in that order.


So, my phone is (mostly) off, the book of faces can shove off for a bit, and I’m taking a break here.  I need to be focusing on my studies – although I finally got a good feel for my Moral Ethics paper (you have my permission to celebrate that one any way you wish – I went for the chair shimmy).  I believe that my original surgery date is going to come through, and I’m not in the mood to retell that story again.  I’m avoiding most websites, posts and so forth, because my own limit of compassion fatigue is already too high, and going into that hot mess of a surgery  (Ha! It would be if an artery got nicked, lol.  Dark humor , folks, it’s my go to defense mechanism) I need as much inner peace as I can manifest.


This doesn’t mean I don’t love you all, or think you’re amazing thinkers and writers and interesting people.  You are my Blog Family, and you are special and amazing for so many reasons – I’m going to ask you to do what we did today.  Go to your locally owned stores or restaurants.   Buy something.  Be generous in giving people their comfort bubble, and be kind – very kind if you can, when tipping.  Make someone who has to be out there, facing the public, just for one moment, a little less isolated or uncomfortable.  If it means you won’t be happy until you’ve burned your clothes and bathed in bleach, give it a try anyway.


It’s okay to look at the news, to get information for your area, for your economic status.  It’s also okay to take your day off and watch whatever makes you happy or takes you someplace safe, or to find a way to relieve the constant pressure of the amount of information that is coming in.  Unless you have kids – then, I’m so very, very sorry, because they are going to be bored and crawling the walls.  This is an ideal time to teach them about the joys of “adulting” and what it means to do laundry , dusting, vacuuming or cooking dinner, (I’m seeing Mrs. Doubtfire here) or plan meals for a week at a time.  They’ll either come out of this with skills they need as adults, or  your entire home will become a colony of imagination.  May the better choice prevail.


At any rate, I hope to burn through this paper (the prompt is quite long) and maybe even finish off Parasitology before the 20th.  That’s some serious desk time, but it will keep me focused on moving forward.  *sigh*  I really wasn’t planning on talking CORVID-19.  Yet here we are, at the end of another longish post, and hopes that when we next “meet”, I’ve got that brand spanking new knee, classwork is back in it’s proper form and the world is a lot kinder, as we get through this together.  It’s going to be all right.  Except for the toiler paper hoarders – they’re gonna have house floods!








5 thoughts on “Too Much Noise

  1. Preach it! Same panicky bs over yonder in south Florida. Bonus- we get to watch live streamed Met operas that we could never afford to see otherwise! Let’s hope I like opera?! Anyway, we are not self-quarantining. We are out and about spending dough at our fav local joints because ffs people really are living hand to mouth and I highly doubt the US is going to pull an Italy and suspend all mortgages. Anyway- I see ur rant and raise u a rant this week. Right after I get a little tipsy for st patty’s day! Good luck on your school assignments! Killing it!

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    1. Hello, Nathi! Oh, how lovely to “see” you again! Yes, I will definitely be looking at your page – what a treat! I hope you are safe and well, and the people you love can only complain of boredom. *hugs*

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