Almost Done

Volunteers in a recent study guessed that 1,215 of pictures were of people who were sick. Those guesses were correct 64 per cent of the time and incorrect 36 per cent of the time, according to research published this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

It’s been a challenging December. After multiple doctor’s visits, and swabs up the old snooter, 2 rounds of antibiotics and a chest film, I’m finally getting over pneumonia and bronchitis. Just in time for what is known as “cedar fever” here in Texas. I’m not going to sugar coat this, it has been one of the lowest Decembers I can recall, not the least because I just had no zing to get the decorating or cooking or baking done. And, to be fair, I have this mild paranoia about mailing off treats to people that could potentially be infected with my cooties. But saying that… I’m glad the holidays are mostly done. I’m hoping for a good soaking rain New Year’s Eve, to discourage those with fireworks – but I’m done.

I’ve been trying to sift through how much of my lackluster holiday spirit came from being on the couch for weeks, or if it was a mood swing, or is it due to new medications? It’s always hard to tell, and honestly, it could be a combination of all three. I wouldn’t expect anyone else with that set up to be all holly jolly, so I’m taking that in perspective. We did well in selecting the few gifts we did get out – the grandson who is into “body stuff” thought the clear guy with a heart and lungs and all sorts of organs was “cool” – although not as cool as the LEGO toys. I’m fine with that – after all, I don’t have to step on those darn things in the middle of the night! Our former housemate had sent us a card telling of her battle with one of her cats for a heating pad she uses to keep her feet warm the day after we mailed out a heated lap blanket. SCORE! We’re feeling pretty good about that.

Even if I get frustrated by family, I miss that opportunity at the holidays. There’s something extra sparkle-some about kids and the magic of what might be. And no, I’m not talking about the young feline who was eyeing the tree with deep and abiding interest in her lovely amber eyes. Had we placed that thing within her reach, it would have been taken apart with the deep and abiding curiosity she exhibits often. I adore her, she’s a funny little thing, but ye Gods and Goddesses, there are just some things we don’t want to test.

I’ve found ‘Derry Girls’ on Netflix, and laughed so hard that I may have done permanent internal damage. I’ve not been Irish, or lived in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, but oh goodness – I certainly recall some of the attitudes and enthusiasm in making bad choices. It’s utterly brilliant. I tell you – that couch got me through all 12 episodes there, all the the ‘Great British Bake Offs’ and associated side shows, and I may very well have hosts talking to me in my head as I try to do things that I really ought not to. Why I thought I could knock out an apple pie when I could hardly stand is beyond me. But there it is, I am stubborn.

Logically, I understand that the clock ticking over into a New Year isn’t going to change much. Time doesn’t work that way, mostly because it’s pretty much a human construct. Honestly, people should have thought of these things better! I have faith that the coming year is going to be kinder to all of us – not just because of vaccines, although that’s a darn good start. I believe that people are starting to be more accepting of the differences, because our commonalities are so much more that those little odd things that help us to see what is interesting or unusual to us. Bipedal (mostly), carbon based life forms that are 93% water and need a certain amount of oxygen to breathe. Those are great starting points – and when you start to look at some of the variances, the beauty is striking and awe inspiring. The way that our wee bits of DNA can be lined up in so many amazing ways – it’s truly wonderful.

And so, Dear Friends and Readers – here it is. I wish you the best year of your lives – one that gives you what you need and some of what you want. (A little want is a good thing!) I hope you meet your goals, that your friends and family encourage you in all that you do, and you, in turn, support them. May you find beauty and joy in places and people that you never expected, and in turn, be loved for who you are. Finally, and most importantly, let’s get those hugs in safely, with the people that we’ve been distanced from. Peace, Friends.

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