Call me “Crispy”

I made it three weeks in Cytology, at which point I was begging my old boss for anything back in the lab portion of the building. There’s a small part of me, listening to the voices of old programmed responses in my head, telling me that I’m a failure. On the other side of the […]

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Almost Done

It’s been a challenging December. After multiple doctor’s visits, and swabs up the old snooter, 2 rounds of antibiotics and a chest film, I’m finally getting over pneumonia and bronchitis. Just in time for what is known as “cedar fever” here in Texas. I’m not going to sugar coat this, it has been one of […]

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Still Reeling

Yes, it actually happened. I’m currently adjusting to my bespoke shiny new knee, not snapping at my husband, and trying to find ways to get the very little I can do, done. I suppose the best place to start is morning of the surgery… Head’s up, I’ve had a dose of goofballs – there may […]

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So here I am… Less than 24 hours from surgery, barring any unexpected delays – and let’s be real here, they’ve all been unexpected. I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling or how to process this on top of all the other shenanigans that have been plaguing the world. It’s a lot for […]

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I’m still here

“I’m still here” – some days that’s about all I can take credit for.  For not snapping at the fools racing up and down our street, or better yet, getting a paintball gun and shooting at them.  For not screaming at people blasting loud music.  For going to pick up my prescription, wearing something claustrophobic […]

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Too Much Noise

I could, quite possibly, write a rather long and heated essay here about the latest series of clusters in my world.  Or I could go on and speak about the virus in the room.  I could rant on, try to cheer people up, or go out and do stuff.  Well, we kind of did the […]

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Still Processing

It’s been a bit since I last checked in – there’s a lot of work going on in dealing with school, emotional issues, making healthy decisions (err, I might be eating my emotions) and general “Are you seriously telling me this?”  I’ve been staying up far too late playing mindless games on my tablet, and feeling […]

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The time has come

So, I’m going to preface this by saying this is not a pity plug.  These are the facts (and emotions) going on, and it’s all OK.  Part of a process.  Coming to accept some things that I really didn’t want to come to grips with.   I’ve had crappy knees since my late teens.  I would […]

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Some days I do feel like there is a dragon on my six, breathing fire down my neck and pushing me in a direction I don’t want to go.  It can be the product of stress, (real or imagined,) situations, or sheer frustration, and of course, my demonic frenemies; triggers.   In the past fortnight […]

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Sometimes, You Gotta Shift

I’m way behind on e-mails.  I haven’t read posts that I want to.  I’m not following through on social nonsense, because honestly, I don’t have the energy.  The plus side is I just need to finish absorbing 6 chapters of this silly book, take one more test at home, and 2 more in “lockdown” and […]

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