A Brief Bit of My Story

It’t this time of year I miss  Albuquerque, New Mexico, just a wee bit.  I still am not crazy about the high desert, the wind that scours paint off of everything, or the goatheads that seem to be lurking in every nook and cranny to leap at the soles of your feet.  It was where […]

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Farewell and Godspeed

I know, that’s not the normal goodbye one says to the end of a series. Over the past seven years, not only have I come to love and respect the actors and writers of this show, I’ve learned more about inequality than I thought a show could do.  In case you’re not into Netflix, or […]

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Who is that Masked Woman?

I’ve been perplexed as to why it’s been so damned difficult for me to sit in front of my computer for a while.  Motivating myself to reach out to you, to speak my mind, to even read the amazing and wonderful posts that you create…  Computer gremlins aside, I’m physically uncomfortable even opening the laptop.  […]

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Error 404; Post not Found

I’m processing a lot of stuff right now – emotionally, physically, and practically.  You know, all that fun “real world” stuff.  And I find I’m doing most of it planted in front of ER, letting the story lines run, and knit,  as I try and figure out what my next step is going to be.  So, […]

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Scatter Brain

I don’t really have a theme or a plan today – I thought I’d kind of go where my loosey-goosey thoughts went and see what happens.  It’s not that there’s nothing on my mind, I’m just sifting through it all, and trying to make sense for this time frame.   For me, this is going […]

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50 Questions

So, I totally stole this from Borderline Bella who I read because she’s freaking brilliant, and makes me laugh.  Utterly profane, but in the best of all ways – I adore this woman.  I’m also feeling hella sluggish due to pre-rain migraine fun, so I’m being a lazy writer.   1. Who is/are your hero(s) My counselor […]

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You should be…

Evidently there is something very wrong with me.  Because instead of having a loving, yet stern voice in my head telling me to get up off my arse and write, it sings to me….  “You should be dancin’ yeahhhh…”  Mmmm.  Nope.  Not even if I were gifted with the knees I had when this song was fresh, […]

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Turning it around

Some things aren’t what we assume them to be.  I just spent a solid five minutes looking for a mosquito, instead of recognizing the cat’s snores.  It happens, and generally it’s because we’ve set up a structure that we want our thoughts to fit into.  After all, it’s much more convenient to be attached to […]

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Slow Ride Saturday

Yesterday got away from me.  There were animals to tend to, both here and at home, a car to test drive to see if it’s viable for Mum, and spending time with my husband.  It wasn’t a crazy busy day – which was a nice change.  The only thing that I feel is really well […]

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