Bestie, Adios

It’s been a hot second, and some of it has been due to working/not working/looking for work, some of it is physical and some of it is emotional. I haven’t been processing things the way that I want to – it’s been kind of a slog through thigh-high muck. There is the very real coming […]

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I’m Peeved

Just fair warning, my Friends – this is going to be a rant, it’s likely to upset some people, and there may be some profanity. I’m working on not alienating people, but really and truly, I’m so frustrated and upset and irritated… I just can’t promise to be polite. If you somehow have come to […]

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The Eternal Engine

You may have heard that there is not such thing as a Perpetual Motion Machine, that Physics won’t allow for it. I humbly beg to differ – that while it may not be a machine, working on, polishing, exploring areas in which one may be grateful becomes a never ending loop of love, acceptance, and […]

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It’s been a struggle

I know it’s no excuse not to have been reading or writing. We’ve all been impacted by this unholy pandemic. All I can say is that even with all this inanity going on, there’s been enough bonus stressors to make it difficult to spend time thinking and not being in a state of utter bewilderment. […]

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I’m in a depression spiral; and I’ll likely vent some on that later – but right now I’m just shaken to the core by how Bestie (X Bestie? XB? I’m open for ideas, people) has lied, and continues to lie, not only to everyone around her but to herself about the parasite she’s allowed into […]

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Yes. it’s been a while – and while I feel terrible guilt about even having a blog and NOT writing, I also feel like an utter rat for not reading the posts of my lovely Blog Family. It’s been… more than I know how to handle. The first,, and most complex, time consuming bit was […]

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Reblog From Reinvention is a Mutha

My stupid reblog button capabilities area a fail, and I couldn’t have said this any better, with the exception of location!   FEBRUARY 13, 2020GYPSYSOULSUNLEAVE A COMMENTON THE SAFETY OF SUPERIORITY The Safety of Superiority There’s this grossly false sense of engorged superiority going around. More contagious than this season’s coronavirus and the flu virus […]

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