Here’s been the fun thing about this week – I haven’t been taking care of myself.  Oh, I’ve been sleeping, and trying to cram stuff into my brain, but I haven’t been saying “No.”  And this, my friends, is a big issue for me.   Chem Lab was let out early yesterday – I’m not sure […]

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Granny Wisdom

As part of my duties as “GiGi” or grandma or whatever you want to call me (Just please not Nana!) I feel there is a responsibility to to “traditional” fun things – like make cookies, paint, create, and generally wreak havoc in my own home – and to toe the line.  This means that when […]

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I’m a snob.  I freaking admit it – although perhaps not in the traditional sense of the word.  I’m not particularly biased towards the wealthy, or the politically powerful.  If anything, I’m likely to go the other way on that just to be contrary to what I was taught was “correct” as a child.  But […]

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