For the love of….

It’s been a rough week. Peopleing. Work. Mom being diagnosed with cancer. One of her dogs dying. Her leaning heavily on me emotionally. There’s a part of me that is “Wow, I should really feel good that my own mother trusts me with so much.” There’s another part that is tired of screaming into the […]


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Bestie, Adios

It’s been a hot second, and some of it has been due to working/not working/looking for work, some of it is physical and some of it is emotional. I haven’t been processing things the way that I want to – it’s been kind of a slog through thigh-high muck. There is the very real coming […]

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Call me “Crispy”

I made it three weeks in Cytology, at which point I was begging my old boss for anything back in the lab portion of the building. There’s a small part of me, listening to the voices of old programmed responses in my head, telling me that I’m a failure. On the other side of the […]

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Where was I again?

I don’t write as often as I should, and I don’t actually foresee that as changing in the coming months. Can’t say that I’m particularly proud of this – writing helps me to focus, to evaluate, and be present. No matter how I slice it though, it falls slightly behind hygiene, sleep, and spending time […]

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Keeping it together

I don’t want to get super philosophical about how this past year has gone – we all know that there have been more attractive dumpster fires. It doesn’t really matter what your political viewpoints are, where you stand on immunity or face masks, or educating your kids at home. We’ve all had a nasty shift […]

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I’m Peeved

Just fair warning, my Friends – this is going to be a rant, it’s likely to upset some people, and there may be some profanity. I’m working on not alienating people, but really and truly, I’m so frustrated and upset and irritated… I just can’t promise to be polite. If you somehow have come to […]

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Not to be Morbid

Most people get very squirmy when the topic of death and dying comes up. Totally understandable, it can have some unpleasant memories of loss and uncertainty. However, it really is unavoidable. At some time, for whatever reason, Death will find you and move you on to – well, whatever comes next. I chose Sir Terry […]

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My Robot Master

OK – so maybe not this many analyzers, but yes, this has become 40 hours a week of my life; starting last week. Which all things considered is a blessing, because with all the upheaval and pain and intolerance we’re spitting out here in the US, I’m stress baking, and that’s never a good sign. […]

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Almost Done

It’s been a challenging December. After multiple doctor’s visits, and swabs up the old snooter, 2 rounds of antibiotics and a chest film, I’m finally getting over pneumonia and bronchitis. Just in time for what is known as “cedar fever” here in Texas. I’m not going to sugar coat this, it has been one of […]

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The Eternal Engine

You may have heard that there is not such thing as a Perpetual Motion Machine, that Physics won’t allow for it. I humbly beg to differ – that while it may not be a machine, working on, polishing, exploring areas in which one may be grateful becomes a never ending loop of love, acceptance, and […]

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