A Solitary Practitioner

I’m a fairly low key kind of Pagan.  I don’t wear a ton of mystical (or any, really) jewelry, there’s not a chance in hell with the mosquito population that you’re going to find me dancing around outside “nekkid as a jaybird” and I rarely feel the need to put it out there that this […]

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Claiming my space

It’s been a solid ten years since I’ve had a space I could call my own.   I had “my” room when I lived with Mum, I’ve shared a bedroom and a bathroom and an office with my husband – but it’s been a ridiculously long time since I could call any space “mine”.  (Err, the […]

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The Baggins…

  I’m rather fond of this picture of Mr. Baggins, mostly because it shows what can be done with a feral or neglected cat.  Look at him!  He’s got lush fur, he’s contemplating which bowl is going to be the yummiest, and he’s content.  He looks like a comma, all nice and plump, and for […]

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Lessons from Eastern Tennessee

Hello, Friends!   I know, I missed a few days worth of writing, and boy do I have some reading to do, but there’s only so much I could do without Internet.  Lesson One – ALWAYS schedule the Internet dude to show up on the day you arrive.  Or the day after.  Seriously.  Neither my […]

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Mean Girls

So, my friend and I were out and about, knocking a few last things off her list, and we went into one of the yummiest burger joints in town.  I love it here – they have amazing sandwiches, great fries, and it’s usually packed to the gills.  But hey, sometimes you gotta risk the madhouse […]

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Well, zipping back and forth in time, trying to get posts out to cover my trip out of state isn’t working so well.   In fact, I thought I only had one more post to build, and I could happily sit on my duff, doing a whole lotta nothing, because I can’t type for beans on […]

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Who Knows?

Are you one of those people that throws salt over a shoulder or knocks wood for luck?  Knows the phone is about to ring?  You know things about people before they tell you?  Do you believe in Extrasensory Perception and the Paranormal – especially ghosts and spirits and people that were?   Well, come sit by […]

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