Short and sweet

  I hate this this bullshit is true.  I loathe it, not just as a woman, but as a human who expects other humans to treat one another as equals, and with respect. Advertisements

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Wading Back In

I took a sanity break – and by that I mean I lost my damned mind for a while, and then every time I looked in my in box, there was more I needed to face, and found I couldn’t do.  Not only am I out of spoons in a lot of areas, I’m plain, old […]

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The new “Normal”

Yes, it is indeed changing for me.  I’m actually doing more than sofa surfing and being cranky when everything hurts.  Everything isn’t hurting now, and what is uncomfortable is tolerable.  So when I don’t do a quick dry mop of the living room and throw the Ye Olde Yoga Mat down, I freaking feel it by the […]

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Who is that Masked Woman?

I’ve been perplexed as to why it’s been so damned difficult for me to sit in front of my computer for a while.  Motivating myself to reach out to you, to speak my mind, to even read the amazing and wonderful posts that you create…  Computer gremlins aside, I’m physically uncomfortable even opening the laptop.  […]

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What about Birthdays?

I’m lousy at them – at least being on the receiving end.  I’m good with getting older, that’s generally preferable to the alternative, but it’s the hoopla and expectations other people have had for me on “my” special day, that have made me really uncomfortable about even sharing the date.  Since I’ve been having some […]

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Error 404; Post not Found

I’m processing a lot of stuff right now – emotionally, physically, and practically.  You know, all that fun “real world” stuff.  And I find I’m doing most of it planted in front of ER, letting the story lines run, and knit,  as I try and figure out what my next step is going to be.  So, […]

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My Aching Back

20 years ago I was told I had a “bone spur” on my spine.  This explained some really hellish pain I had been going through, to the point I had named the pain “Horace” in an attempt to isolate and cope with what was going on.  Loads of pain killers were prescribed.  A nerve block […]

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