You should be…

Evidently there is something very wrong with me.  Because instead of having a loving, yet stern voice in my head telling me to get up off my arse and write, it sings to me….  “You should be dancin’ yeahhhh…”  Mmmm.  Nope.  Not even if I were gifted with the knees I had when this song was fresh, […]

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Totally Did It…

A big shout out and thanks to the people who’ve reached out to see if I was OK.  I am.  As predicted I threw too many balls into the air, and this is the fallout of me trying to catch them all and get them going again.  At least my in boxes are no longer […]

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What Will I Drop First?

How many things can any of us successfully have thrown up in the air at any given time?  I’ve got a pot-lock birthday party to go to tomorrow, along with making something a little more substantial than a bag of chips, I’ve got house sitting for my sister, and I’ve got Horace sitting it the […]

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Hello, Murphy

Murphy’s Law: if it can go pear shaped, it will.  This year it has manifested in one of my perennial favorite – bronchitis.  Remember how I said that the allergens and pollen were swinging around wildly because of weather?  I foolishly assumed that the ick I’ve been feeling was that.  Nope.  When I woke up […]

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He’s “confident” a permanent job will appear shortly.  It’s been more than a year since he (my husband) has worked a proper full time job with benefits.  Oh, he’s worked “seasonal” or “contract” – but what I consider to be a real job…  No.  I’m not talking 6 figures, or crazy benefits, like trips to […]

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Just 5 more minutes

I don’t mean to sound entitled.  I also see how that could be perceived, and I apologize for that – but when it comes right down to it, I live for comfort.  Being snuggled down in my lovely bed, with the right weight of comforters and a book, pillows to arrange and make sense of […]

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Turning it around

Some things aren’t what we assume them to be.  I just spent a solid five minutes looking for a mosquito, instead of recognizing the cat’s snores.  It happens, and generally it’s because we’ve set up a structure that we want our thoughts to fit into.  After all, it’s much more convenient to be attached to […]

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